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November 6, 2017 Comments Off on Your Church’s Bad Volunteer Wish List Views: 2072 Discipleship, Leadership

Your Church’s Bad Volunteer Wish List

There is something to be said about bad volunteers. Without them, your church would never be the ineffective dead ministry that you so much desire. Here is my short list of some of the qualities most desired of a bad church volunteer. Though there are many undesirable qualities not listed, I think these cover most of the bases for what is expected of a bad/undesirable volunteer in your church.

  1. Poor communication- The worst volunteers are the ones you can’t get in touch with. My favorite is when you call and text them with no answer but you see them update their facebook status. Here’s the reality: A perfect picture of their pumpkin spice late takes precedence over your phone call, 2 emails and 3 text messages you’ve sent. Besides, there are plenty of other people who can fill in for the nursery department anyways.
  2. Never on time- The later the better. Their lack of punctuality gives me a warm feeling of calmness. This also makes our team have double down on their responsibilities. It’s important for your team members to feel stressed from time to time. This makes them stronger.
  3. Pridefulness- It’s always nice to have someone remind you how good they are or how lucky you are to have them a part of your team. Studies show that people prefer to be in the company of prideful people over humble people.
  4. Pessimism- In worship, unexpected things happen. If a wireless microphone can go dead…it will. If your baptism pool can spring a leak…it will. If a power surge can knock out your entire sound system…it will. Having a pessimistic person in your midst always keeps you grounded in the reality that nothing good will happen. This will enable your worship to be more realistic.
  5. Domineering- One of my favorite things about meeting with groups of people is having that one person who likes to bulldoze the entire conversation. This person believes their opinion is the only one that matters and anything opposed to them is just wrong and stupid. They quickly squelch the ideas of others make sure progress happens in the right direction.
  6. Bad Temper- I always encourage people to not keep their feelings boxed up inside. It’s important to make sure those around you know when you are upset about an issue. There is not an inopportune time for you to express your anger and/or rage. If this means you interrupting progress to let it be known for your disdain, please interrupt. If you need to yell and scream to “vent” your frustration, it’s healthy to do so.
  7. Dishonest- Having a liar in your midst is necessary. It helps guard you and others against undesirable truths. This helps build a level of distrust in your team which serves as a catalyst for positive change. No team can be effective if they all trust each other. Trust builds slothful people who can’t get anything done effectively.
  8. Overly Dependent- As a leader, you can be bombarded with many things (good and bad). Sometimes the never-ending bombardment of the bad stuff can take its toll on you. It’s good to have a person who stays by your side and seems to follow your every move. They will ask you the same question multiple times and request your assistance in everything they do. On the outside, they appear as if they are keeping you from being able to accomplish the tasks at hand. But on contrary, this helps you build your self-worth to remind you just how needed you are. Besides, you can take care of those menial tasks after hours when they leave.

If none of your volunteers have any of the above bad qualities listed, it’s okay. Leadership means setting the example for the people you lead. Your team will reflect your leadership (or lack of leadership). If you can quickly implement these bad qualities as the leader, you will see a couple things happen:

Your good volunteers will just bug out and go to another church. Those that decide to stay will start to mimic your leadership style and quickly become the bad leaders you desire. It’s the perfect lose-lose scenario that will render your ministry ineffective and dead. Being spiritually dead and ineffective are fruits of the spirit that go right with hate and lack of faith.

To learn more about how to have bad volunteers or exercise undesirable leadership qualities, we recommend relying on your own power and strength. Reading the Word of God will do nothing but change you from the inside out, causing you to do great things in HIS name for HIS kingdom.

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