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Tired Leading Worship? Take A Hike!

So you’re a Worship Leader.

At any given moment you may find yourself combing through songs for the month, scheduling your team, creating custom chord charts, or taking a team member out for coffee to encourage them. Even if you lead “part-time”, it’s often just as taxing as a full-time gig. Though I could never see myself personally not leading worship, I do have my moments when I drop everything and take a hike. Literally.

When I’m not working my “day job” or planning my worship services, I like to do things like go hiking. There’s something about going to the wilderness that really clears my mind. It’s both therapeutic and necessary for my well being that I make time in my busy schedule to do this. When I start feeling “burnt out” or begin to question why I lead worship every week, I know it’s time to take a hike.

Why Hike?

Hiking is a hobby of mine that enables me to reflect on my life and look at things from a different perspective. Because the locations I hike are often remote and miles from civilization, there are no worldly distractions. It’s just me carrying a backpack trying to make it up the mountain. There are no emails to read or people to meet. It just me, a mountain, and 2,123 feet to climb. It’s a challenge, I enjoy it, and It’s simple. Those three things are what make a good hobby.

  1. Challenge- Our lives are filled with challenges every single day. For me, it can sometimes be a challenge just to wake up. These challenges drive us to action to build, create, or accomplish the task at hand. We are wired to desire a sense of accomplishment. The best hobby is a challenge that you choose to accomplish.
  2. Enjoyable- Your hobby has to be enjoyable for you. I know it sounds dumb saying this, but you would be surprised how many times I’ve seen people take up a hobby that they didn’t enjoy. A hobby is meant to help bring enthusiasm and color to your life; not make you wish you were doing something else. That’s depressing!
  3. Simple- The best hobbies are the ones that have a simple outcome. For example; If you garden, you grow vegetables. If you woodwork, you build a coffee table. If you hike, you go somewhere you want to be. Don’t overcomplicate the purpose of your hobby. Break it down into the simple singular outcome.

There is a difference between a hobby and a pastime. A pastime is something you do that is enjoyable to “pass the time”. A great example of this is Netflix. Sure my wife and I love watching shows together to wind down…but it’s not something we’re passionate about. It doesn’t give a sense of accomplishment.

The great thing about hobbies is that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one.

Sure I like to hike… but I’m also a die-hard Weber grilling enthusiast, coffee snob/connoisseur, yo-yo professional, and a mediocre fisherman. I may not dedicate much time to these hobbies, but I still enjoy them. Here’s the cool part about having hobbies; when you do everything unto the Lord these hobbies turn into ministry opportunities. If I can share the gospel while grilling some chicken wings…I’d say that’s a WIN WIN! God is being glorified in my obedience and my stomach is being blessed by spicy hot wings! If that’s not winning…I don’t know what is.

If you are a Worship Leader without a hobby outside of your ministry… I’ve got two words for you: FIND ONE.

Not having a hobby outside of your worship ministry is not healthy. Trust me. For a couple years I would do nothing but work, go to school, and lead worship. I really had no life outside of those things. Having days off was a pipe dream for me. Eventually, it wore me down and I almost quit leading worship because of where I was both emotionally and mentally.

We need simple and enjoyable challenges we can pick and choose to help give us a sense of accomplishment. You may think that you have too much going on to have a personal hobby. You may be fine for a while doing this. It will happen though. One day you’ll wake up feeling tired, burnt out, and ready to throw in the towel.

If this is you…Stop! Take a breath and get into Gods Word. And then:

Take A Hike!

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