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January 12, 2018 Comments Off on The Rambler Views: 1059 Discipleship

The Rambler

When Yeti came out with the Rambler 30 oz cup, I thought my life would change forever.

Being the HEAVY coffee drinker that I am… I always struggled with 2 things: Bringing enough with me and keeping it hot long enough.

What was Yeti’s promise?

They promised they could store 30 oz of coffee and keep it hot all day long. They promised no more lukewarm coffee after just a couple hours. Not only did they promise me hot coffee to get me through the day, but they said the cup would keep ice cold for 24 hours too. Never again would my sweet tea go warm overnight on a camping trip! Now is the appropriate time to say a quick amen Hallelujah praise the LORD! Go ahead…it’s okay.

When I got the cup I did what most people did when they first got it; I filled it with tons of ice and checked it the next day.

There was still ice in it!

“Amazing” I screamed out loud.

It’s the little things in life you have to appreciate!

Unfortunately, I found out very quickly that my cup had a caveat to it; it had to be full to work.

One day I only had enough coffee to fill it up halfway. I took a couple sips on my way to work, but got so busy I didn’t take another sip until 3 hours later. Expecting to taste the sweet, hot “nectar of the gods”, it was just lukewarm nasty ridiculousness. I was so mad that I poured it out on one of my underlings as a statement of power (I didn’t) in an act of rage (more like bummed out).

The next day I tried this with iced tea. From filling it halfway with Iced tea…the 24-hour promise turned into 4 hours. These neat cups live up to the claim if they are full. But, if they’re not…they fail like all the other cups out there that cost 1/4 the amount.

I threw the cup away and decided to make attacking the Yeti Brand my ultimate life goal. (I didn’t and now own two more Yeti cups. The green one is actually pretty sharp looking).

As worship leaders, we HAVE to be filled with the spirit completely in everything we do. The minute we try to get in a hurry and think that we can fill up our spiritual cups enough to “get through the day” is when we have an EPIC fail. There is no “halfway” as a Christian.

We often try to take something so powerful (the Holy Spirit) and portion it out over a course of time. But God doesn’t work like that. He’s not the Barista at Starbucks that asks you “do you need room”. NO! It’s all or nothing. Much like Felisha…God doesn’t have time for that. God calls us to be “full of the Holy Spirit” -Acts 6:3.

Much how I hate lukewarm coffee, God says he’ll straight up “Spit me out of his mouth” if I decide to be lukewarm spiritually. Just read Revelation 3 for that old chestnut.

God made us in his image. Despite our sin nature, we can be awesome. Much like those overpriced beefy Yeti cups, we can live up to the hype.

We just have to be full.

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