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Picking Easter Songs for 2018

If you haven’t already started planning, now is the time to prepare for Easter. A big part of your Easter planning should be your song selection.

For Easter, you should expect to have many fresh faces walk into your church. You may have young families, elders, college students on break, and extended families that may be coming as guests. With the possibility of having so many unchurched people step foot in your doors, it’s important to pick the right songs which encourage involvement and that go with the theme of Easter.

Stay with your style-

Don’t fall into the snare of making your Easter service so different that when people come back the next week they feel like they are at a different church. Your Easter song selection should not change your church’s style. Rather, your style should dictate some of the songs you pick.

If you primarily sing hymns, don’t deviate too far from them.

If your church style is gospel, stay with that.

Likewise, if your church primarily does modern praise and worship music…please please don’t do mostly hymnals.

Pick songs people know-

If you pick songs that both your congregation and the unchurched don’t know, their involvement will be minimal. Start pulling from older songs. This is a great opportunity to bring back older songs that you have retired as well as play new renditions of some older hymnals. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) and In Christ Alone are great examples of songs that go with the theme of Easter while also being accessible to the older and younger audience.

I’ve found that by incorporating a mix of hymns, older popular songs, and one or two of our current songs, we’ve been able to get people off the bench and into the game in our Easter services.

Specials are good too-

Easter can be a great time to do a special song or introduce a new song to your people. It’s okay to give your congregation the opportunity to sit and listen to something that you have specially prepared for them. I’ve seen churches go as far to prepare beautiful grand choir pieces that captivated God’s people and leave them Wow’d in the name of Jesus. I personally have introduced a new song to the congregation with just me on an acoustic guitar to help change the pace and prepare the church for the message. Just because your people may not be singing during a special song doesn’t mean God isn’t using it as an opportunity to speak to them.

It’s not a show-

As you decide which songs you want to incorporate into your Easter service, remember that it’s not a show but a celebration. We are celebrating the resurrection¬†of Jesus and proudly proclaiming His power and love.

Think of yourself as the host of a party. A bad party host is an entertainer. A good party host is a celebrator. Don’t be the party host that get’s so fixated on the little things that you miss out on the joyous time of celebrating the resurrection!

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If you’re looking for some ideas on some songs for Easter, check out this playlist by Worship Together: