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Overplayed Worship Songs

I hate listening to the local classic rock radio station.

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE classic rock. If it wasn’t for classic rock I probably wouldn’t be a guitar player. There’s something about those “Face Melting” guitar solos from the 70’s that makes my heart smile. So why do I hate the local classic rock radio station?

Because out of the over 500 amazing rock songs they could have picked for over 3 decades worth…they picked only 75 to play on repeat every day. Once you listen to the station for a few hours, that’s it. They have effectively made me loathe some of the best songs ever made because of their inability to make a longer playlist. So long Bryan Adams. See ya later Kansas. I used to like listening to you. After I heard Carry On Wayward Son 3 times before lunch today I decided I could no longer “Carry On”.

No matter how great a song is…it’s bad if it’s overplayed.

So how do you know as a Worship Leader if you overplay a Worship Song?

As a Worship Leader, you may not be the best person to answer that question.


Because you listen to your repertoire of worship music much more than the rest of your congregation. I can almost guarantee that for every 5 times you’ve either listened to or played a worship song, your [average] church member has only heard it once. Even if you’re an “Edgy” Worship Leader that likes to listen to a plethora of secular music outside of the worship realm…the odds are the majority of your congregation listens to more secular music than you. It’s not bad…it’s just the reality that the new Taylor Swift album is that hot right now.

The other side of this story is the fact that your congregation doesn’t have perfect weekly attendance. You always have people that are sick, serving in childcare, out of town, or just having a lazy Sunday. This means that if you have a particular song you dedicated to playing twice a month… some of your members may have only heard it once.

You may feel like the song Good Good Father needs to be retired from the team right about now.

You may be tired of hearing about how Gods love is “like a hurricane” and you are “the tree”.

If your church is singing it loud and proud…don’t be too quick to take the song off of your rotation.

They say that communication is key in relationships. If you want to know how someone feels, you ask them. It’s just what you do. I believe that’s true for individual relationships as well as congregational relationships. If you want to know how your church feels about the songs you play, ask them.

You could shoot out a Facebook message on your church page.

Try emailing some people a survey.

Distribute a questionnaire on each seat on a Sunday to get some feedback.

The answers you get may not surprise you. You may have a good idea of what songs are really hitting home with your people. Or…you may find that the songs you keep playing need to be retired so you can bring on some fresh new music that will better resonate with your church.

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