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Plan Worship Right with Jake Gosselin

January 2, 2018 Comments Off on It’s Official. WORSHIPTRAC is OUT! Views: 1277 WorshipTrac

It’s Official. WORSHIPTRAC is OUT!

Are you tired of spending hours scheduling people, creating outlines, and managing all your music?

As Worship Leaders both full-time and bi-vocational, we know the challenges you face in planning out your worship services. Some Worship Leaders spend hours working around peoples schedules, building a proper service outline, and managing their libraries of all that music. They do all this while also trying to make time for what’s really important: God’s Word, PrayerFamily, and Discipleship. 

Our goal is simple: help you free up your time so you can freely worship. By saving time on tasks like scheduling, building outlines, and managing your music…you will PLAN WORSHIP RIGHT.

Start freeing up your time with a free trial of WORSHIPTRAC today!