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August 21, 2017 Comments Off on Is your worship worth the squeeze? Views: 1035 Discipleship, Leadership

Is your worship worth the squeeze?

A while back I bought a juicer. If you don’t know, it’s a glorious device that you put your fruits and vegetables into to make semi-palatable drinks out of. It’s really a neat thing if you think about it. A juicer enables me to combine things I hate (like kale) with things I love (like apples) to make a healthy drink that I can feel good about drinking. It’s great for supplementing my diet or doing some sort of cleanse to reboot my body’s metabolism and immune system. Fantastic!

Juicing is also one of the dumbest things ever and I don’t do it as often as I should. The amount of work it takes to make a juice is insane! You have to clean the fruits and vegetables, take the skin off most of them, wake up your entire household with what sounds like a jet engine, thoroughly clean everything that you’ve used, and take the pulp outside before it attracts a crazy amount of flies in the kitchen. But, all those downsides are quickly overtaken by the health benefits I get from doing it. It’s worth it.

Worship is a lot like juicing.


It starts with assembling your fruits and vegetables (your team). These are people that may never come together outside of the context of worship. You have to remind them to practice. They may need to be taught how to play or do something before they can fully serve. Maybe they have baggage or need spiritual encouragement before they can be ready for worship. There is nothing glamorous about prep. It requires the peeling away of the spiritual exterior to be willing to be used by the Holy Spirit. Depending on your team, the prep can be the most tedious part.


After your people have prepped it’s time for them to blend in worship. Depending on the people you have involved it can get crazy! Worship is the opportunity to bring it all together and see how the spirit moves. As long as you prepped properly, everything should go well. Sometimes things go unexpected, and that’s okay.


Being able to enjoy the fruit of your laborĀ (pun intended) is a beautiful thing. Raw worship is the opportunity to cleanse your body of this world and fill it with what is good and Holy. How this worship tastes can really depend on where you are spiritually. Maybe you need to be encouraged by the sweet promises of Gods word? On contrary, this may be an opportunity for you to swallow bitterness and be enlightened of your pridefulness in your personal life. True worship has a way of making things right.


As believers, our sins need to be covered by the blood of Christ. Worship is our way of expressing it. For us to be in the right place in worship we need to continually stay clean. How do you stay clean? We do it by getting into the Word to know His promises and have a fellowship with other believers.


Worship is messy. Sometimes it can be inconvenient and it may not be exactly like what we want it to be. But…it’s a vital part of our lives that enables us to squeeze out self and be filled with the spirit.

Is your worship worth the squeeze? You better believe it!

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