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If you use music stands…you’re terrible.

Just Kidding!

This is a good question though. Should you take the music stands off of your stage?

We’ve had this conversation with a dozen worship leaders and they all have given their reasons for eliminating or keeping their music stands on the stage. To better examine this debate, let’s look at the pros and cons, shall we?

Pros of eliminating your music stands:

  • No music stands on stage means your stage looks big league and “professional”.
  • Forces your team to have to memorize the music/lyrics…thus enabling them to worship freely.
  • You are more connected to your congregation and band by not having anything impede your direct line of sight.
  • Having your team play with the music memorized means they will have a tight sound.
  • No stands = Less clutter

Cons of eliminating your music stands:

  • If your team doesn’t have everything memorized you’ll have lots of…”jazz notes”.
  • Expecting unpaid volunteers to memorize different songs on a weekly basis can be unrealistic.
  • You no longer have a fallback if a musician or singer happens to forget part of a song.
  • If you or your band run sheet music it is impossible.

Now pro’s and cons are great, but that doesn’t answer the question. To better answer that question, let’s tackle it more like this…

Who are music stands for?

Music stands are for churches that have a pretty large amount of songs they pull from. If you have any instrumentalists that rely on sheet music, it’s hard and unrealistic to get rid of music stands. If your only practice is on Sunday before the service your team will appreciate having that safety net to fall back on. If your team is made up of many instrumentalists/vocalists who are not what you would consider professional paid musicians, you would be foolish to take the stands away.

Who doesn’t need music stands?

Churches with professionally paid musicians don’t need music stands as the level of expectation is set high. If your church meets during the week to practice thoroughly you may be able to do without them if the team can remember everything. If you have a small select number of songs you pull from that your people know well, expecting them to memorize is completely reasonable. Churches that have back projectors with subtle cues for musicians can also make a very good case for expecting their team to not need music stands.

A good compromise-

Break up with your music stands > Tell your team to use ipads/tablets > Get a bunch of tablet mounts that you can hook to mic stands > DONE!

This is a nice low profile solution that’s sleek and non-intrusive while letting you and your team have a safety net. What’s that you say? You don’t use an iPad/Tablet for your music/lyrics? Then you need to read Burn your music & buy an iPad.

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