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AutoPad Review- The answer to “Dead Space”?

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Burn your music & buy an iPad.

If you are a musician or a vocalist in a worship setting and you don’t own an iPad/tablet, you could be severely limiting yourself. In fact, if there was such a thing as the worship police you would be arrested immediately. Here is our running list of some of the reasons why you should be ditching your old sheet music, chord charts, and lyrics for a tablet.

  1. You can change keys in a matter of seconds. No need to print out music for yourself or others.
  2. It’s easier to read off of a tablet on a dim stage with glare from lights than it is from paper.
  3. Tablets can be mounted on smaller stands which take less space and are not as visible as a full on music stand.
  4. If your paster asks to have everyone play a song that wasn’t originally planned, it’s easier to get everyone on board with it as they can quickly pull up everything in real time.
  5. Tablets are light, music books are heavy.
  6. Having a tablet can enable your team to send messages to you during a service without it being a distraction.
  7. Tablets are great for practice as you can play your music on them while reading the music.
  8. Tablets have some really powerful apps which can bring additional elements to your worship. Garageband on iPad has great synth sounds and even loops.

There are some arguments others have given me as to why they haven’t switched. Here are some.

Argument 1: I’m afraid the tablet will stop working while I’m playing. 

In my 6 years of using an iPad for worship, this has never once happened. NEVER. Knock on wood…

Argument 2: Tablets are expensive.

You don’t have to get the latest and greatest. Refurbished iPads can be purchased for as little as $200. If you can manage using a smaller screen…you can pick up an android tablet for less than $60.

Argument 3: I’m afraid the battery will die during the service.

The batteries on most tablets last 5 hours minimum on a full charge. My iPad usually gets charged once a week and I use it a few hours a day!

Argument 4: You can’t write on your music to make notes with a tablet.

There is a multitude of apps out there which give you the ability to annotate your music to your heart’s content. Plus it’s much cleaner than scribbles on a piece of paper.


Going from your music on paper to a tablet will radically change how you prepare for worship. It can help you become more prepared and enable you to worship more freely without having the limitations that your music on paper has. Granted there are some people out there who have no problem memorizing all the lyrics and chords on a weekly basis. Yes, we are jealous of you. The rest of us will just use our tablets.

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