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4 Things Every Church Podcast Needs

Every day, more and more churches are embracing the idea of starting their own podcast from a worship service.

It’s for good reason too! Podcasting has been consistently growing at a rapid pace and churches everywhere are embracing the idea of being able to cheaply produce their own commercial-free podcasts right from their website. It’s a great way to give both your visitors and members a way to hear your message outside of the church doors. If you have the right know-how and tools, there should be nothing stopping you from starting one today!

Before you unleash a podcast out into the wild, make sure it has these 4 things: An intro, an outro, weekly posts, and high-quality audio.

Have an intro-

Having an intro to your podcast is necessary for your listeners. One of the most common mistakes churches make when putting out their messages in the form of a podcast is they just put the raw sermon audio up without having anything to supplement it. Many of the people that are listening to your podcast may be members that were not able to make it to the service. Others may be listening to your podcast to determine whether or not they want to visit your church.

Having an into that gives them insight into what your church is about or what is currently going on at your church. It also gives your listeners an opportunity to pull out their bibles in advance to the scriptures your message will be on.

Have an outro-

In marketing, a “call to action” is one of the most important elements of closing the sale. On infomercials, you hear them say CALL NOW. On websites, you may see big buttons like “start your free trial” or “get started”. Without a call to action, you leave a person no way to respond to what you have just presented to them.

Your podcast needs a call to action. An outro is the best place to put it. Here are 3 great examples of call to actions for a church podcast:

“Thanks for listening to the Awesome Church podcast, for more information about our church and our ministries go to”

“Next week, pastor Billy will continue his 4 part series on “The character of Christ” with the story of the woman at the well. Check out to see our other ministries and learn more about what the Awesome Church is doing in our neighborhood.”

“The Awesome Church is growing and our ministries are doing big things for Jesus. If you’re looking for a way to get plugged into what we’re doing, email us at”.

Post weekly-

Successful church podcasts post weekly.


When you post weekly you show that your church is consistent. If you fail to post weekly, many people will perceive your church as not having it all together. Now don’t get us wrong, there is no perfect church that “has it all together”…but you do need to show that your church is competent. On top of this, posting weekly keeps your people plugged in better to your worship service and helps you keep a strong line of communication open to members and prospects.

When you post weekly, It’s best to post your podcast at the same time every week. After all, people are creatures of habit. If you post podcasts sporadically or late every week, you will have people fail to hear it because it wasn’t available when they wanted to listen to it.

Have high-quality audio-

You can have the best content, cool intros outros, and post weekly…but it can be all for nothing if your audio quality is bad. A podcast with bad quality audio is like a Corvette with no tires. It’s going nowhere!

We recommend getting the audio directly from your soundboard and properly mixing it post-recording. If this podcast is not your Sunday preaching but something else, use a good condenser microphone with a pop filter. DO NOT record from a built-in phone or computer mic. These are great for personal notes…but they will make your podcast sound weak and “tinny”. One of the most popular podcasting mics out there is without a doubt the Blue Yeti. For around $150, you can get this USB condenser mic and a pop filter.

What are you waiting for?

When you have these 4 elements in your podcast, you can really bring your church to the next level! Podcasts are continuing to grow and are already becoming the standard. You don’t need mega resources or professionals to make this happen. That’s what makes podcasting so great!


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