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July 28, 2017 Comments Off on How do I lead Worship when I feel spiritually weak? Views: 1244 Discipleship, Leadership

How do I lead Worship when I feel spiritually weak?

You see all the smiling faces as they wisp past you on the way to the coffee kiosk. You smile back…but not because you want to. You do it because you’re supposed to.

As you pray with your team in the “Green Room” you find yourself thinking about how much you’d rather be somewhere else. Your heart isn’t in it and you feel completely distracted. People are talking to you but they might as well be the adults from Charley Brown. You’re nothing but a shell of a human just waiting to be shattered by the next storm that sweeps through. You know you’re saved, you’re not doubting that. But…you feel lost…

How do you lead worship when you feel spiritually weak?

Answer: You just do it.

Did you follow Jesus because you thought your life would be better here on earth? I hope not. The word of God calls us to be like Christ (Philippians 2). It calls us to go against the grain; against what this world says is good. It calls us to not chase our own personal interests but the interests of others.

“Easier said than done,” you say to yourself.

Their mom isn’t going through cancer like mine is.

They don’t have a job this demanding.

They don’t know how easy they have it.

But where’s your focus? Is it really on God?

A long time ago I heard a sermon in which the pastor’s tag line was “Don’t focus on what’s wrong with the world, but what’s right about God”.

Unlike happiness, our spiritual strength is about what’s right about God. What’s right about God?

God forgives us “Seventy-seven” times (Mat 18:22)

God knows every hair on our head (Luke 12:7)

God gave us the Holy Spirit. (Romans 5)

God calls us his children. (1 John 3:1)

Our spiritual strength and our worship are not something that’s measured on a Sunday morning. It’s every single day we open our eyes and get out of bed. It’s our steadfast faith in knowing how great of a God we serve and how thankful we are for His promises.

If you can keep your focus on Him and how good He is, you will be restored.

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